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david tennant, doctor who, blackpool, wallpapers who
06.david tennant

Yup, David Tennant sure is awesome. Oh hey. While I'm thinking about it, massive pimping for dt_stillness. You know you want to join/enter/vote!

01. 02. 17.

iconsCollapse ) who
01.david tennant

wallpapersCollapse )
Tags: battlestar galactica, blackpool, david tennant, doctor who
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taking the wallpapers - i need more desktops!!
gah... David...... *swoon*
oooh, very pretty. i've taken 13 and 6, and will credit. thankyou!
Snagging 1 and 16. Great job!
Took 16, it's hilarious, will credit and stuff.

Snagged 3, 4, 9 and 10! Loce them! Will credit.
haha #6 is great! And I love #17 :)


So many pretties in one place! I'm saving tonnes of them. #3 made me laugh - it's so true! I was just imagining all the D/R shippers choking on their tea at the point when that was aired for the first time *sniggers*
Ooh, beautiful. Grabbing #16, love them all.
hello, i was led here to this comm by my friend wheresmycow. am a recent fan of the tennant and am currently absolutely in love with him.

am taking 4, 17, and 19 if it's okay with you.

many thanks for the hotness.
I've just started watching Doctor Who (and I love it) so I'm taking #1 and #4 with credit.
Snagged #16. Love it! Will credit when used.
Nicking #1 (with credit, of course) because that is exactly what was going through my mind when I saw that bit of The Christmas Invasion. You are fantastic.
Ooh, pretty David Tennant! I'm snagging #4, #16 and the hair-ruffling one from your other post, and I'll credit. Cheers.
Wow, you are like my new hero. I LOVE your Tennant icons, and I've snagged a couple to use. Will credit you in keywords, of course :)
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