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david tennant, doctor who, harry potter

11.dt [death eater recruitment, doctor who, general prettiness]
02.fandom_wank [snarry/dw jokes]
03.dt wallpapers [death eater recruitment]

I am madly in love with David Tennant. That is all.

David Tennant
01. 02. 03.
04. 05. 06.
07. 08. 09.
10. 11.

Doctor Who
12. 13. 14.

Fandom_Wank Killed Snarry
15. 16.

800 x 600 // 1024 x 768

800 x 600 // 1024 x 768

Apparently Voldemort resorted to taking out magazine ads as well as posters.

800 x 600 // 1024 x 768

Resources, don't hotlink, don't say you made. Crediting is nice, but commenting is adored. The Death Eater recruitment idea is taken from sarahtales's Goblet of Fire parody; truly a hilarious read if you haven't yet seen it.

Thanks and enjoy!

Also ETA: Everyone should feel perfectly free to print out whatever they'd like and put them up in random places. I highly encourage doing this in public places to confuse the hell out of people, but your bedroom wall is also okay.
Tags: david tennant, doctor who, harry potter
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When I get home I am SO taking the wallpaper of the Recuirterment.
[yoinks #7] Ace! Lovely work.
Took number one because oh my God the PRETTY! :)
Bwhahaha. Those f_w icons are classic. And a classic thread too. *is proud to have been a part*

(Yeah, I stole 15. Muhaha.)
...May I print out the recruitment poster... well... as a poster? x3~
I love the icons, they're awesome~ Especially #1 and #2!
I will so be taking some and using when time permits. (Will credit!) They're gorgeous, he's gorgeous. *dies from teh pretty*

"Ruffle here" and the "freckled" one are my favourites!
Fabulous! *claps in delight* I *knew* eventually somebody would do a better poster than me.

"Some restrictions apply" *cackles* Will credit when I figure out which one I want.
Better DE recruitment poster, I should clarify.
snagged #1 - thanks!

*joins you in tennant ♥ *
I had to steal #1. There was no other alternative -- my friendslist deserves to be repeatedly spammed with such prettiness (and at the same time, I'll be doing my bit for death eater recruitment. Fiendish cunning!)

Also -- could I possibly print out the first recruitment poster to stick on my bedroom wall, and further complete my nerdiness, or will this put my life under direct threat from your wrath? *plantive look*
I'm taking #s 2 and 8 but they're all fantastic! Thank you :)
oh and #9 and the wallpapers *g*
Took #6, bwaha! These are fantastic. :D
Oooh, those are all so nice! Snagging the wallpapers. Great work!
Ooooohoooh. Took a bunch. :D
"Get a free tattoo!" HAHAHAHAHA!

he he he he eh he ehheheheheheheheeee

So glad someone else has, erm, spotted the freckles. :-)
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