sour girl (speshulduck) wrote in lowflyingicons,
sour girl

david tennant, doctor who, harry potter

11.dt [death eater recruitment, doctor who, general prettiness]
02.fandom_wank [snarry/dw jokes]
03.dt wallpapers [death eater recruitment]

I am madly in love with David Tennant. That is all.

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Tags: david tennant, doctor who, harry potter
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I've been looking all over for David Tenant/Barty Crouch Jr. icons! I'm so glad you made these. Snagged a bunch and will def. credit when used. =)
snagged #7 - thanks!
theyre all lovely. i took a few and ill credit when i use them
<3 Loretta
OMG, totally taking #3, and the second and third wallpapers.
Took all three wallpapers, thanks so much!
Absolutely fantastic! Stealing as many as I can and will comment :)
Snagging #7. Yum! :)
nabbed two of the wallpapers... DT is love xxx
Snagging the wallpaper of recruitment. Not sure where it's going but it's too grand to miss! Thanks.
*giggle* I should wallpaper my town square with those posters - I live in BFE and it would surely confuse everyone!! *maniacal laughter*
I really, really, really like the dishevelled David. That's pretty much how I picture him looking when I'm done with him. ;D
Taking some of the wallpapers and probably some icons for future use, but I haven't decided which ones yet.

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